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    • 老鼠的排泄物有危害吗?
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    The rat's excrement is a virus.
    There are two types of mice prevalent in China: wild mouse with Apodemus agrarius as the source of infection and house mouse with Rattus norvegicus as the source of infection. After exposure to excreta and secretions of mice, people invaded the body through damaged skin and mucous membranes. Dust from rat feces can enter the body through the respiratory tract. Food contaminated by rat urine and feces can also be infected.
    The typical clinical manifestations are: headache, lumbago, and orbital pain, called "three pain", red, red neck, upper chest red, called "three red", fever, bleeding, kidney damage is called "three main symptoms". It can easily complicated with visceral hemorrhage, pulmonary edema and central nervous system diseases.