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      • 食品厂蟑螂怎么防治?
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      Cockroach prevention and control in food factory


      Some food processing plants have more serious harm to cockroaches, such as breweries producing wine and soy sauce, food factories producing bread and pastries, beverage factories producing beer and steam water, and bean products factories, food processing plants and pickles factories, etc. Their food processing shops suffer from cockroaches to varying degrees. The main reason is that the environment of the production workshop of the food factory is very suitable for the breeding of cockroaches, where the food is rich, there are grain and sugar, the boiler is high, the temperature is high, the water is sufficient, the humidity is great, and the steam is sometimes diffused; and the problems in the building structure of the workshop, the old house and the large number of cracks and holes in the wall. So once a cockroach enters the workshop, it will be full of worms. In order to protect human health, there are strict requirements for food hygiene and safety.  Hygienic pests are not allowed to occur in food production and processing places.


      The main infringement sites: food processing workshop, raw materials and finished products storehouse. They inhabit the cracks in the wall, the cupboard and the corner of the operating table, the bottom of the pool, the sewer and the Yin well, the power switch box and the locker box, the crevice between the plumbing pipes and the wires, the material heap on the ground, the packing bags and cartons of the products, the crevice of the miscellaneous pile and the door and window frame, and so on. If attacked by Periplaneta americana, it is easy to find and often lay on the wall. If it is Blattella germanica, it is mainly found in walls and furniture crevice.


      Prevention and control measures: 1, strengthen environmental governance. In the workshop where the cockroaches are more serious, the sanitary condition and the structure of the house are generally problematic. The food workshop is generally not suitable for spraying with insecticide. Therefore, to kill the cockroaches, the first measure is to improve the environmental control; 2, the poison bait is put on. In addition to pellet poison bait, glue bait can also be used; 3, residual spray. General use of suspension or wettable powder for cement wall and brick wall spraying, drug against cockroach habitat and corner of the hole and corner spray; (when spraying food and appliances, etc.) 4, hot smoke agent. Smog has good penetration and expansibility, and achieves good insecticidal effect in indoor confined space with a certain dose and sufficient smoking time. Smoke can be used by a hot smoke machine or a smoke projectile. 5, when necessary, professional pest killing companies are required to kill insects and disinfect them.